Londrelle Live And Unplugged

June 7, 2024
Brooklyn, NYC
Gaia NoMaya

Londrelle Live & Unplugged is an intimate and immersive concert series — and musical retreat — that takes audiences behind the music and into the life stories, spiritual practices, and teachings that are the inspirational source of Londrelle’s music and poetry. Vulnerability, transparency, community, and collective transformation are at the heart of each experience as Londrelle weaves through music, commentary, and enlightening exercises that charge and guide the shared space into higher awakening. “Sound and vibration are the source of life, it is written. With intentional music shared in intentional spaces, there’s no limit to the lives that can be changed and the life we can create together — for each other. I look forward to sharing sacred space with you at our next gathering of souls.” – Londrelle.